Anéolia presents its new products at CFIA 2024

We were present at this year’s CFIA 2024…

There were some great encounters, including a visit from the Minister, but above all it was an opportunity for us to show why and how we can better protect food products with instruments made in France.

And then there were those who gave us pleasure. The pleasure of taking the time for a chat, a demonstration around packaging analysed and measured by EXOS.

We’re happy to share our knowledge and technological know-how, and even more so to better understand the challenges and difficulties faced by our industrial partners and customers.

Because it’s by sharing our practices, our needs and our ambitions that we make progress together, day after day. There is no progress that cannot be measured.

And each and every one of you is faced with complex situations and major risks when it comes to product lifespan.

We wanted to share with you this unique opportunity to meet you and share our commitment to excellence in pictures.

Thank you to the #GEPPIA for welcoming us to this beautiful French village.

Thank you to Laurent Muguet from Flexico and Samba Diane from CRUSTA C

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