Anéolia develops and manufactures in France analysis instruments adapted to your production environment to better protect your products.

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Our mission

Analyse for better protection

Anéolia designs, manufactures and markets instruments for measuring gases and leaks in packaging. With 25 years’ experience in gas analysis and leakage measurement, Anéolia’s technical team puts its expertise at your service to give you the best possible advice on how to control the quality of your packaging.

Because we believe it is our responsibility to protect both packaged products and consumer health, we aim for excellence in our solutions. We apply this requirement to every measurement and every analysis, so that our industrial and healthcare customers can make the best decisions and protect themselves against any failures that could jeopardise their products, their brands or their customers.

Protecting the population from potential health crises also means contributing to a better world diet, and here again, we have a responsibility.

Equipment that contributes to better protection

Equipment that provides an objective, reproducible measurement that other, sometimes subjective, leak detection methods do not.

Innovative instruments that measure the integrity of your packaging to :

  • Assessing the conservation of its atmosphere
  • Test for leak tightness
  • Guarantee the quality of packaging welds
  • Assess resistance to logistical constraints
  • Respect the use-by date indicated.
  • Improve product preservation
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French Tech Made in France

A global benchmark


These gas and leak measurement devices are manufactured entirely in France at our site in Moissy Cramayel (77). Anéolia enjoys close proximity to its partners, customers and local suppliers, giving it a strategic position.


Anéolia is expanding internationally, mainly in the field of packaging integrity testing, and is present in over 60 countries. This global coverage reinforces its position as a technical benchmark in the market for gas analysers and leak measurement.

The Abiss® brand, a symbol of French excellence

Abiss® is a French brand, created in 1986. Internationally recognised, it has built its reputation on trust, innovation and robustness.

Choosing the Abiss® brand is the assurance of a high-quality, easy-to-use, high-performance and customised measuring device, whether you work in the food, medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics or heavy industry sectors.

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Innovation rewarded

Always on the lookout for innovation, Anéolia holds a number of international patents, notably on the unrivalled speed of CO2 measurement and on the combination of gas analysis and leak measurement in a single system. The combination of gas analysis and micro-leak measurement is available in the EXOS and OXYLOS instruments.

Innovations and awards

• BTA Barcelona – Food Safety, Hygiene and Quality category – 2015
Gas and leak analyser, Oxylos

• Technology Awards 2019 – Physical Measurement Category – 2019

Gas analyser, Exos “The French company has succeeded in significantly reducing measurement times for parameters monitored in MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)”.

• Packaging Oscar 2019 – Production Category – 2019

Gas analyser, leaks, weld strength in hygienic design, OXYLOS® Hygienic Design.

A 100% French company in 5 dates

  • 2009: Creation of Anéolia in the Paris region and launch of a new range of gas analysers displaying O2 values to 2 decimal places.
  • 2012: The Abiss® brand is reinvented by Anéolia: 2 patent applications filed in France relating to a gas analysis device, and a device combining gas analysis and leak measurement.
  • 2018 : Anéolia is present in more than 60 countries on all continents and obtains a European patent for the gas analysis device EP2936145.
  • 2022: European patent granted for the combined gas analysis and leak measurement device EP3385696.
  • 2024: North American patent issued for the combined gas analysis and leak measurement device.

A responsible and committed company

Anéolia’s engineers come from a medical background and have drawn on their expertise in hygiene and risk management to incorporate the functions that are essential today to meet these challenges right from the design stage:

Hygienic design of instruments installed in food production workshops.

Appropriate metrology to optimise food preservation times (thus limiting the flow of goods and people).

Remote access to the instrument via the IT network for remote assistance and maintenance.

To help you meet these challenges, Anéolia is building on its fundamentals, those of a French and European company committed to the local economy, a pioneer in hygienic design and a benchmark in terms of standards, which, along with remote access to instruments, form part of its Corporate Social Responsibility plan.

Meeting the most recent standards in this field of scientific instrumentation (DIN 55508-1 February 2018), Abiss® brand packaging integrity control analysers are essential reference tools for measuring your progress, qualifying the performance of your production and control resources and, ultimately, enhancing the value of this progress on the basis of objective, repeatable and comprehensive data.

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