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  • Oxylos® – Leak only

  • Oxylos® – Leak / O2 or O2 CO2

Oxylos fuite / O2 CO2 by Abiss

Which Oxylos® for which benefits?

OXYLOS - Fuite seule
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Oxylos® – Leak only

  • Provides greater safety; the operator does not have to handle a needle

  • Can be automated on your production line

  • Saves time by using stress plates

  • Saves on the use of septa

Automated and secure, Oxylos® adapts to your production constraints, offering solutions tailored to your applications that speed up testing time.

Oxylos® meets the highest leakage measurement standard (DIN 55508-1), and offers the most accurate sensitivity on the market.
Scalable and agile, the Oxylos® has a range of 3D printed tools to adapt to your formats

OXYLOS - Fuite seule
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Oxylos® – Leak / O2 ou O2 CO2

  • Several tests in a single instrument: saves space and time in production

  • Versatility: each test can be performed consecutively or independently, depending on your products. Savings in use (no septum)

  • Saves on the use of septa

Interfaced with your automated systems, Oxylos® can be synchronised with your packaging lines and run without an operator.

Oxylos® leak /O2/CO2 is a gas and leak analyser that measures O2/CO2 levels and the tightness of packaging in a protective atmosphere, without using consumables (no needles or septa to handle).

Oxylos® presentation and tutorial

How does it work?

Oxylos® – Leak only

5 steps

Oxylos® – Leak / O2 or O2 CO2

6 steps

Oxylos by Abiss
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Place your product in the test chamber with the appropriate tools and close the door.


Press the buttons to start the test cycle.


Micro-leakage measurement: accurately measures the air flow required to maintain pressure in the package.


Micro-leakage measurement: accurately measures the air flow required to maintain pressure in the pack.


Automatic measurement of the maximum pressure reached by the pack before it bursts.


Removal of stress plates and pneumatic cleaning of the needle.

Using the results

  • View results and save your data

  • Take remote control of your equipment without leaving your office

Adaptations for your applications

  • Les fuites calibrées vous permettent des vérifications périodiques faciles à réaliser.
  • Des aiguilles et des accessoires pour s’adapter à vos différents formats et contenus, pour des mesures plus rapides et plus précises.
  • Des solutions pour des contrôles non destructifs sur des emballages non scellés.
  • Intégration possible sur ligne de conditionnement.

Oxylos® accessories and consumables

We offer a range of needles to suit your different applications.

Contact us for a quote and to make sure you have the right reference, because depending on the diversity of your products, you may need several needles to use the Oxylos instrument (for example, one oblong suction cup needle 1789 for certain formats and another for larger products, 2678 for example).

On request, we can develop tools for installation, hopper reduction and adaptation to non-destructive testing.

Depending on your requirements, we can also offer you options such as a locking cylinder for faster inspection, for example.

Please contact our sales team below.

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