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  • Mercury® – 2024

Mercury 2024 by Abiss

What are the benefits of Mercury® – 2024?

Mercury by Abiss
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Mercury® – 2024

  • Saves time with an O2 sensor 5 times faster than previous generations of Abiss equipment
  • Complies with the latest regulatory standards for monitoring medical fluid networks
  • Portable equipment delivered in a suitcase for easy travel.

How do you monitor gas networks in medical environments?

The ABISS® Mercury® is an oxygen and pressure analyser with optional CO2 detection for monitoring

medical fluid networks (monitoring wall sockets in rooms, operating theatres, etc.).

Designed and manufactured entirely in France, this device checks that the medical fluid is connected to the correct identified wall socket.

Used in rehabilitation centres, hospitals and clinics, retirement homes, etc.

… this gas analyser and medical fluid detector complies with the NF EN ISO 7396-1 standard, which is mandatory for the installer for the final inspection of his work.

This standard is essential for the final inspection by the installer. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, this device is autonomous. After 5 minutes of inactivity, it automatically goes into standby mode to save battery power.

The Mercury®’s capabilities have been enhanced by the use of an O2 sensor that’s 5 times faster than previous generations.

How does it work?

Mercury® – 2024

3 steps

Mercury 2024 by Abiss

Turn on the appliance and plug the nozzle into the wall socket.


The device indicates the O2 result, the pressure and the fluid detected.


Remove the nozzle from the wall socket and the device is ready for a new test.

Advice on use

  • To protect your device, we recommend that you replace the hose filters regularly to prevent impurities from entering the device.

Mercury® accessories and consumables

Filtres Ipos


Ref 990: filters sold in packs of 5

Aiguilles Inox


Ref 986: hose kits



Fittings can be purchased separately; O2, CO2, medical air, engine air, vacuum and N2O.

They are available in several standards: NF, DIN or BS.

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