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Anéolia develops analysis instruments in France to better protect your products

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To optimise the use of your equipment, we offer installation assistance and full training.

Benefit from personalised support tailored to your constraints or quality requirements. Following tests carried out on your products, the equipment is pre-configured to suit your application. This system saves you time when you set it up on your premises.

On-site installation is also an opportunity for Anéolia’s technical sales representative to train operators and supervisors in the device and its measurement techniques. The training is tailored to the technical specifications and knowledge of each individual in terms of leak measurement.

The installation can also be carried out remotely, as our equipment communicates. We then take control of the equipment and help you configure it, adapting it to your specific needs and to your teams.

Analyste données
Viande sous film emballage

Training courses

Our training courses take place in four stages and are aimed at two levels of user:

“Operator” training

  • Presentation and explanation of the overall operation of the measuring instrument
  • Reminder of safety instructions
  • Use of the instrument

“Supervisor” training

  • Access to supervisor mode
  • Program settings
  • Traceability
  • Data processing
  • Information and advice on test programmes
  • Advice on interpreting results and analysing data

At the end of the training course, we will issue you with certification.


Your gas/leak/pressure analyser will soon need to be calibrated.

Whatever the brand of your gas analyser or leak tester, our technical team, with 25 years of expertise, guarantees you a quick and efficient response.

By entrusting the maintenance of your measuring equipment to the Anéolia team, you can be sure that it will work all year round.

Anéolia recommends annual calibration for all Abiss measuring devices manufactured in France: Legend, Ipos2, Exos, Oxylos and Mercury.

Anéolia can also carry out calibrations on older Abiss equipment such as Oxysampler, Oxyleak and Hopigaz.

Why have your equipment calibrated? To make sure it is displaying the right values and measuring correctly for better protection.

  • Anéolia calibration involves comparing what the device displays with a 4-point standard reference for each measurement channel.
  • An adjustment is made if a measurement is out of tolerance -> this is followed by a new calibration to ensure that the measurements comply.
Ecran Exos

In summary, calibration of leak detectors and gas analysers is essential to ensure accurate and reliable measurements. It is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in terms of calibration frequency and to carry out regular tests to ensure that the equipment is operating correctly and safely.


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For more information about calibration in the workshop or on your site:

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Intervention SAV


Anéolia replaces the various parts needed for the equipment to work properly, such as internal and external filters, sensors, pumps, regulators and electronic components.

Calibration contracts:

  • Anéolia calibration consists of comparing what the device displays with a standard reference at 4 points for each measurement channel.
  • An adjustment is made if a measurement is out of tolerance -> this is followed by a new calibration to guarantee the conformity of the measurements.
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