Coffee applications

Coffee packaging offers a wide range of applications and problems.

grains de café

Our advice


  • Vacuum packaging, possibly fitted with a valve
  • pods
  • Capsules, more or less rigid
  • sachets
  • sealed pots

In addition, the coffee itself generates gases which must be evacuated using an evacuation valve.

Some of these gases also interfere with certain sensor technologies, such as carbon monoxide (CO), which reduces the O2 values measured by zirconia sensors significantly at low levels.

The short response time electrochemical sensors installed in ABISS analysers offer a good performance/price ratio for these applications, which are sometimes difficult due to the presence of powder in a small headspace.

The instruments feature flow control and adjustable pumping time to optimise measurements and protect the instrument.

For vacuum packaging, Exos leak analysers go beyond simple leak detection.