Second patent* issued by Anéolia in Europe

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Anéolia’s Patented Gas Measurement Technology

On the strength of a first European patent issued in 2018 (EP2936145), Anéolia is strengthening its innovative gas measurement technology with a second patent issued in 2022 (EP3385696). This marks a natural territorial extension of the patents initially filed in France in 2012.

First Patented Technology

The first patented technology is based on measuring gases using a mass flow meter that transmits the thermal conductivity properties of the gas in question. It is the high resolution achieved in measuring flow by thermal conductivity that has enabled a considerable advance.Key Advantages:

  • Uses 30 times less electrical energy compared to traditional methods.
  • Enables gas flow measurement in just 1 millisecond (ms) instead of the typical 250 ms required by NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared) optical technologies for CO2 measurement.
  • Maintains an accuracy better than +/-2% of full scale, which is the standard expected by the market.
  • Achieves a resolution capable of measuring micro-flow rates equivalent to a flow diameter of 0.05 micrometers (µm) at 10 millibars (mbar) of pressure.

Second Patented Technology

By reversibly organizing the gas flow, the combination of leak measurement and gas analysis is facilitated, resulting in the second internationally patented innovation (EP3385696).This innovative approach allows for efficient and accurate gas analysis while simultaneously detecting and measuring any leaks in the system, providing a comprehensive solution for gas monitoring and management.

*n°EP3385696 et n°EP2936145

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