Features Ipos2®

Protection class IP 54
Type of measuring instrument Laptop
Box Aluminium
Weight 1.1 kg
Width 130 mm
Height 95 mm
Depth 180 mm
Battery power supply NiMH battery. Autonomy up to 16h (or 6000 measurements) in continuous and intensive use. 100% recharge in 4 hours
Power supply 100-250 VAC via external charger – 50/60Hz
Memory capacity 400 measurements
Interface 4 lines of 20 LCD characters
Ports 1 USB 2.0 with adapter cable
Storage conditions 0 – 70°C/0 – 90% HR
Terms and conditions of use 0 – 40°C/10 – 90% HR
Oxygen O2 measurement Technology : Electrochemical
Accuracy : +/- 1% relative
Response time T90 : < 5 s
Resolution : 0.01%
Lifetime : < 2 years in air at CNTP
Measurement of carbon dioxide CO2 Technology: NDIR
Accuracy: +/- 2% full scale
Response time T90: 7s
Resolution: 0.1%
Life expectancy: 10 years
Clogged circuit detection yes
Pump suction control yes
Compensation for atmospheric pressure variations yes
Storing results yes
USB connection yes
Traceability Programme number, measurement memory, dates, times, alarm thresholds
Options USB transfer pack: data is transferred via the USB port using the software supplied with the option. The downloaded file is then opened with Excel.