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The IPOS2 O2 gas analyser is a versatile analyser that can be either portable or bench-mounted. The only gas analyser with blocked circuit detection, the IPOS2 is the only one capable of offering IP54 level airtightness. Equipped with a large screen, this measurement device is reliable and sturdy, and suitable for inspecting the quality of your modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) or other inerting

Product advantages:contact contact
  • Resolution O2 : 0.01%
  • Blocked circuit detection
  • IP54 durability/reliability
  • Adjustable pumping time
  • Programme creation with a threshold alarm
  • Memory storage for the last 12 measurements (400 measurements available)
  • Traceable via the USB port (optional)
  • Operates off a battery or power supply (can be transported between the labo and the workshop)
  • Autonomous for up to 6,000 measurements depending on the model
  • Can be used for combined O2/CO2 gas analysis
Expert advice

• Air adjustment requires the full attention and skill of a supervisor, given the various environmental variables.
• In the interest of protecting your device, we would advise you to regularly replace the filters in order to avoid the product flowing back into the device.
• We would recommend optimising the measurement speed depending on the target you wish to reach.
• Safety: for user protection, we would advise using the sheath incorporated into the appliance.

Product information


Protection index: IP54
Measurement device: Portable, Bench-mounted
Container: Aluminium
Supply: 100-250 VAC power supply via external charger
Battery: Battery autonomous up to 16h (or 6,000 measurements) when used continuously and intensively – 100% charge in 4h
O2 Oxygen Sensor Precision: +/- 1% relative

T90 response time: 4s

Resolution 0,01%

Blocked circuit detection Yes
Pump suction control Yes
Compensation for atmospheric pressure variations Yes
Results storage Yes
USB Connection Yes (option of 400 measurements)
Traceability Yes









Accessories and consumables

Gas analysis:
1000 gas septums for each sheet of 100
500 gas septums for each sheet of 100
Box of 10 0.5 x 16 mm diam. needles
Box of 10 0.6 x 25 mm diam. needles
Box of 10 0.8 x 40 mm diam. needles
Box of 12 0.8 x 15 mm diam. needles – Can be detected using a metal detector
Box of 12 1 x 25 mm diam. needles – Can be detected using a metal detector
Box of 12 1.5 x 25 mm diam. needles – Can be detected using a metal detector
Hydrophobic filter for 0.45 µm x 25 mm needles
Hydrophobic filter for 0.2 µm x 15 mm needles
Sampling kit

Comes with

• IPOS 2 appliance
• Calibration certificate
• 1 IP67 carry case: 300 x 225 x 132 mm
• 1 Sampling kit
• 5 Needles
• 2 Filters
• 100 Septums
• Power supply
• User manual

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