Calibration, maintenance and adjustments

Calibration, maintenance and adjustment for your measurement device: Anéolia guarantee an extensive and responsive service

Is your gas analyser due for its annual calibration?

No matter the brand of your gas analyser, with 25 years of experience, our technical team will provide a rapid and efficient service and can guarantee a response within 48 hours of the device being received.

Having your measurement appliance maintained by the Anéoli team means you can be sure of a functional device for the entire year.

Anéolia recommend yearly calibration for all Abiss brand measurement appliances : Legend, PAK01P, Ipos1, Altos, Ipos2, Stratos, LS300, LC300, PAK10P, PAK12P, VAK10, VAK12, ABP12, ABP10, TOM10, TOM12, LK1000, LK2000, LK3000, LK400, Exos, Oxylos, LS400, Oxysampler, Oxyleak, Mercury, Hopigaz, ECO, LR, DK, Atmos, Centaur, Cosmos, CM, AT, MU, LM300.


Key details for our services:


réception appareil de mesure  1. Receiving the measurement appliance

• Inspecting the general condition of the appliance and the list of accessories attached.
• Sending the proof of receipt for the measurement appliance.


expertise  2. Measurement appliance expertise

• Appliance expertise: Seeking the fault, inspecting pneumatic and electronic aspects and sensors, taking measurements prior to work being carried out (gas, pressure, flow) where possible.
• Sending an advance quote prior to work getting underway.


documentation  3. Documents

• Calibration report with adjustment, or a simple verification certificate.
• Our measurement recordings following adjustment will be provided in 4 points for each physical measurement in order to allow effective evaluation of metrological performance.
• A performance report in order to properly evaluate the instrument.


expédition  4. Shipping

• Inspecting packaging for returning accessories supplied prior to shipping via transporter

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