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The OXYLOS LEAK / O2  allows you to measure the rate of O2 and the airtightness across all types of containers and packaging, with or without protective atmosphere, and without having to use any consumables (no need to use needles or septums). Automated and safe, the OXYLOS can be adapted to your production constraints, providing you with sampling tools and customised positioning. The high-end analyser from the ABISS brand provides you with solutions for packaging when space above the contents is limited. Able to be synchronised to the packaging line, the OXYLOS becomes autonomous and does not require an operator in order to carry out measurements. This analyser is ideal for production.

Product advantages:contact contact
  • Functions safely without the need for any consumables
  • The option of combining 3 measurements in the same test: O2/CO2* gas analysis; Micro-leak; Bursting
  • The needles are cleaned automatically
  • Can be synchronised to conveyors
  • Solutions where available space above the product is limited
  • Fully traceable via an internal spreadsheet
  • Remote maintenance 7 days a week, with remote connection available

* for OXYLOS Leak/O2/CO2 version

Expert advice

• The calibrated leaks make periodic verifications easy to carry out.
• Check that there is enough space above the product in order to carry out the measurement or use our specially adapted needles and accessories.
• We would recommend optimising the measurement speed depending on the target you wish to reach.
• We would advise you to regularly save the data you have collected and to secure any power supplies.

Product information


Protection index: IP41
Measurement device: Bench-mounted
Container: Stainless steel
Supply: Power supply
O2 Oxygen Sensor Precision: +/- 1% relative

T90 response time: 750 ms

Resolution 0,01%

Leak measurement Precision: +/- 2% full scale Resolution 0.1ml/min
Bursting test Precision: +/- 0.5% full scale Resolution 1mbar
Blocked circuit detection Yes
Compensation for atmospheric pressure variations Yes
Results storage Yes
USB Connection Yes
Touchscreen Yes
Traceability Yes
Network connection (Ethernet socket) Yes
Synchronised automatic triggering Yes
Automatic non-septum test Yes
Needles are cleaned automatically Yes







Accessories and consumables

Leak measurement:
Suction Needle
Perforated lateral needle – main axis blocked

2.5 litre buffer tank with double-check valve
Kit of 2 calibrated holes - 20µm - 100µm
USB barcode reader - 1D
Touchscreen stylus
Position aid laser
Tools for placing samples
Filter for de-oiler pressure regulator for compressed air supply

Comes with

• OXYLOS appliance
• Calibration certificate
• 1 carry case
• 2 suction needles
• Touchscreen stylus
• 1 Regulator filter for compressed air
• 1 Power cord
• User manual

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