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The EXOS LEAK allows you to measure airtightness for all types of packaging, containers and pneumatic circuits. This measurement device also checks the resistance of sealing using a bursting test. These two tests can be carried out in quick succession on the same packaging. The sensitivity threshold can be up 5 microns in terms of perforation size (Equivalent size of a bacterium is between 1 and 10 microns)

Product advantages:contact contact
  • Intuitive technology
  • The option of combining 3 measurements in 1 same test*: O2/CO2 gas analysis; Micro-leaks; Bursting
  • Measures with low excessive pressure
  • Breathability measurement (micro-perforated films)
  • Tested on vacuum packaging (leaks and bursting only)
  • Fully traceable via an internal spreadsheet
  • Excessive pressure can be fitted manually or automatically
  • Remote maintenance 7 days a week, with remote connection available

* for Exos Fuite/O2/CO2 version


Expert advice

• Calibrated leaks let you carry out regular, easy checks
• Ensure that there is enough space above the contents for you to be able to take measurements, or use our specially designed needles and accessories
• Begin the measurement cycle before introducing the needle into the packaging (in order to measure the leak)
• Air adjustment requires the full attention and skill of a supervisor, given the various environmental variables
• We would advise connecting to a crimped power supply.
• We would recommend optimising the measurement speed depending on the target you wish to reach
• We would suggest regularly saving the data you have collected and making sure your power supplies are safe.
• Safety: For user protection, we recommend using the sheath incorporated into the appliance.

Product information


Protection index: IP41 / 54 (option)
Measurement device: Bench-mounted
Container: Aluminium, Stainless steel
Supply: 100-250 VAC power supply Air : 4.5-8 bars
Leak measurement Precision: +/- 2% full scale Resolution 0.1ml/min
Bursting test Precision: +/- 0.5% full scale Resolution 1mbar
Compensation for atmospheric pressure variations Yes
Results storage Yes
USB Connection Yes
Touchscreen Yes
Traceability Yes
Network connection (Ethernet socket) Yes







Accessories and consumables

Leak measurement:
Sampling kit
1000 septums for leak measurement

3G router + Advanced HMI
2.5 litre buffer tank with double-check valve
2 calibrated holes kit
USB barcode reader – 1D
Touchscreen stylus
Bracket for piercing metallic packaging or containers with tight lids

Comes with

• EXOS appliance
• Calibration certificate
• 1 IP67 carry case: 566 x 438 x 216 mm
• 1 Sampling kit
• 2 needles, including one with lateral perforation
• 2 filters
• 100 septums for leak measurement
• Touchscreen stylus
• Pressure regulator with automatic purge de-oiling filter for compressed air
• Power supply
• User manual

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